Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 Taking ceramics class at Colorado Mountain College under HP Bloomer. Adding a link to his site, he's got some pretty impressive work.

 Myself, well I'm throwing and learning forms. Playing with some glazes... Here are a couple of my early pieces. All of these were thrown except the triangular vase which was a coil project. The brown glaze was supposed to be a yellow with brown on the edges, would have really complimented the piece but now, meh.

 The other two pieces will be glazed/fired soon.

 Working on some Lava Bowls, a fruity cocktail drink for two with a flaming volcano in the middle. First one is for the Tiki Central Pele Art Swap of 2012, glazed but not fired. The next two still need bisqued and glazed, hopefully will be done in a couple weeks, I plan to sell them.

updated Moai Island

I updated this painting quite awhile ago, might as well post it.