Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Some wood carving and a bit of Pencil and Ink work

A bit of carving I have done recently, couple of tiki faces in a small chunk of wood. Not quite finished, don't have a good place to carve and my last keyboard died, clogged with woodchips :(

 This stuff was done awhile back, more recently vectorized. Looks like these are the un-vectored scans.

Wow, just noticed the '05 on the snake, time flies.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some digital artwork

 Spent the last 10 years doing artwork for various PC games. It was fun, something I had wanted to do for years but never had a computer. Lately I've grown a bit bored of the digital realm though, so getting back to more hands on artwork has been fun. I probably won't be showing too much digital stuff in the near future.

 Once I got a PC I ended up playing the Thief series and making maps and custom objects for it. Then content for Morrowind, content for The Dark Mod (a Doom 3 total conversion that is very similar to the original Thief game), maps and some content for Team Fortress 2 and most recently for Zero Gear.

Some Zero Gear content:

Nacho Sombrero and Sardine Kart
A more complete image of most of my content

A sword I recently made for Torchlight, another indie game using the Ogre renderer (an open source 3d engine project)

Might as well show a bit of everything. Some teapots, decanters, wine glasses and material shader tests for The Dark Mod. Trying to use one texture for as many objects as possible, also working on shaders and specular that looks best for varied materials (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Steel).

And last but not least some of my more recent enviromental works for TF2

A ratz map called koth_sandvich. The warzone is a kitchen table, loaded with Heavy Weapons Guy's favorite food, the Sandvich. I tried to only use stock textures. The olive is currently the only custom object and the holes on the shakers and bread decals are the only custom textures. The olives are about knee high to the players.

 This was a 'beauty contest' entry. I took 2nd in the first round of voting and somehow pulled off 1st place in the final round of voting. Might be the first time I ever got a 1st.
 Still hasn't developed into a playable map, maybe someday.
Probably my favorite map to date, still needs wrapped up and finalized, but it's an arena map which just didn't turn out to be a very popular map type for TF2.
 This first pic is a bit outdated, but the only frontal view I have online.

First Post

 Not much to say.

 Starting to do more hands on artwork these days and less digital work so I figured I needed a spot to post it. It's probably a bit early to start this blog but I don't figure it will be seen anyway, might as well have it set-up and ready.