Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More Ceramics

 Let's see, some stuff I made in class...

Corporate Fertility Statue:
If Corporations are people my friend then who are their mothers?
 Originally started as an idea for a political cartoon (pregnant lady burping smoke in her doctors face...)
 Right at the end of class I decided to try and realize it in clay. I bit sloppy, but I wasn't even sure I was going to fire it, then someone else did... So I threw it in the soda kiln.
 Faceted Vase:
My first 'tall' piece, it's about 9 inches but it was REALLY thick, So I started carving. After taking about half of it away it is still heavy. Used a nice green glaze that breaks well.
 Spiral Vase:
 Getting the throwing down, need to work on other details. Got a really nice soda fire on it though.  Used a chun glaze and it was mid kiln, top was really close to a shelf so I got a really smooth even carbon trap around the rim. Chalk that up to luck, experience also, helped me see how kiln placement could have an effect on the piece.
 These went through the soda fire too. Raw claw, black and white slips. They were going to be square but left in the sun too long :(
 Never had a chance to alter them.

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