Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photo Dump - Ceramics

Well, it looks like I haven't updated anything here since I started classes at the art center so I guess I will just make this a huge image post.
 Also added my Etsy site where some of these pieces can be purchased.

 Two out of the most recent Kiln firing. First birdhouse which unfortunately had a little glaze run and the foot chipped when pulled from the shelf. Still perfectly useable for birds that aren't too picky about looks :D
 And my largest fired piece (am working on a slightly larger vase atm). Was supposed to be green with a little bit of rustiness, too much iron oxide I guess.

Pieces from previous firings.
 Slab built sake set, this one sold.
 Couple sake bottles.

Box, thrown as one piece then cut apart and cleaned.
 Cassarole set, a little small but it was fun.
 Random cups.
 Shino tests.

 Another sake set.
 Some slab trays...

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